Impressions on the Social Age

I’ll Be Creative In A Minute

Posted in Social Networking Discovery by Trace on May 24, 2010

“I jumped, the sound hit ting me like a ton of bricks, drop ping my hot cof fee on the cat’s tail who ceased curl ing on the floor by my desk. I stood up from my office chair think ing I was lucky to be work ing from home, and went to investigate…” is a recent discovery. My co-worker was using the StumbleUpon tool and literally stumbled upon this website. The site presents the user with a simple creative task. When you click the “Go” button, you’ll see one word at the top of the follow ing screen. A timer starts and you have only sixty seconds to write about it. The idea is not to think about what you’re writing, but to just flow onto the page (er… screen?).

This is a bit more introspective then some of the other entries, but creativity, like strategic communication or strategy, needs cultivation to flourish. Strategy without creativity is easy to spot. Remember old strategic computer games? In one game I used to play, I knew how the computer would react to almost all of my moves, it always responded in the same ways. We are not programmed, we are taught. Unfortunately, some professionals can get caught up in the daily grind they forget to let their brains be creative. Pull messaging from no where, forget your publics, opinion leaders and followers for a minute and just write for the sake of writing. It’s easy to forget how to do, and I myself panicked for the first few seconds thinking of the literal meaning of the word. I restarted, relaxed, and clicked “Go” again…

Creativity is important to all writing professionals, and this website is a simple way to remind us how easy creativity is forgotten.

My word was Clash. Whats yours?

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