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Having the “Employ Me” talk

Posted in Uncategorized by Trace on July 5, 2010

Interns of the world hold many positions and have a variety of skills to learn, but inevitably there comes the day when you want to have “the talk” with your employer. I’ve been at Discovery for a couple of months now and I feel that it is about time to start considering ways to bring up the employment question. Is there a chance I could be working for them after August?

According there are a few tips for turning internships into jobs.


Never ever dismiss an opportunity to meet a new face at your internship, whether they are important or not. Just because a person isn’t in charge of hiring, or isn’t your direct boss, does not mean you can’t benefit from knowing them!

These people all know others who can point you toward a friend who can help you get a job. As the President of International Distribution for Discovery said to some interns just last week, “This may not be your first job, and it won’t be your last.” The important thing is to keep a positive attitude and shake lots of hands. The more people you know, the more likely you’ll have a friend to connect to when you need one.

Don’t Lounge

Facebook and Twitter are excellent distractions, but if they’re not part of your job, then avoid them during your internship. This may seem like a “duh” moment, but when interns get bored or think no one is watching, I’ve seen many an intern go off the rails and fall into social networking.

Be Professional

This is a common tip you see when applying for internships. Being professional is very important, but being OVERLY professional can be a negative. When starting at Discovery, one of the first questions I asked was concerning the dress code. Dressing properly is, of course, only one of the points of professionalism, but it’s the more visible of them. I don’t say dressing professionally, is always suiting up, it’s different in every office. Some employers require shirts and ties, slacks and blouses, where others require jeans with a polo or a nice top. Over-dressing can obstruct you fitting into the culture of your employer, which is one of the measures of evaluation your boss will be looking for when hiring.

Be Confident

When looking to breach the potential of employment opportunity, don’t blurt, plan. Be strategic and look for a good segue into the conversation. Ultimately, they wouldn’t have taken you into the internship in the first place had you not been an interesting candidate, but dropping all pretense and acting without tact is not the best course of action.

Don’t Count The Eggs Your Basket

Again, a “duh” moment, but don’t put all your hopes and dreams into your internship. Some internships are not meant to create a hiring pools. Some are simply for exposure to company culture, and a way to explore your future while expanding your skill-set. Long story short, apply for jobs outside of your internship. If nothing else, it would add to you confidence if you are offered employ somewhere else.


For me, Discovery feels like a really good fit. I’m still applying for jobs elsewhere, but awaiting a chance to act upon this potential employer!


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