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Don’t Buy the Verizon iPhone: A Plea for Sanity – UPDATE

Posted in Mobile by Trace on January 16, 2011

Do not buy a Verizon iPhone. It is a waste of your money. Mashable created a funny infographic regarding the differences and similarities of the new phones, but really the issue is CDMA. It’s all about CDMA #fail.

It’s not jealousy, nor is it anger. We all knew these bright-red invites were for something important. I knew the AT&T exclusivity was expiring. This was the event everyone was waiting for and we all knew it. The excitement was palpable. I was at work so instead of watching the live streams I got text messages and followed the live blogs on Engadget, MacRumors and Gizmodo (I wanted the critical perspective too).

The problem is, it’s a rip off. The Verizon iPhone is a rip off.

Find out why after the jump …

Why would you buy the iPhone now? Are we supposed to ignore that iPhone5 will be out in July – merely 6 months from now? Are we supposed to deal with the most powerful phone in the world not being able to load map data on GPS while using a voice call? Are we supposed to just laugh and joke and be excited they gave us a Verizon iPhone and ignore the lack of 3G speed found on AT&T’s network? Yes, the coverage is superior and we might even be able to make a complete call but that’s all we can do. I can’t help but think this is a half-step backward for the power of the phone. What good is multitasking if you can’t use two voice/data streams at the same time? No, they’re wrong. We shouldn’t be happy that Verizon is getting the phone now.

Instead we should recognize both AT&T and Verizon are building new LTE networks, so why buy a CDMA iPhone? WHY?! LTE IS SO MUCH BETTER AND SUPPORTS EITHER STANDARD!

Why would you subject a beautiful and powerful piece of technology to such limiting tech? CDMA does not allow data and voice usage simultaneously. My favorite comment from Verizon customers is, “I mean… I don’t think I would ever do that.” My response, “Of course you wouldn’t, you actually can’t with your current service.”

In short, CDMA sucks, and cripples the iPhone so don’t buy it. Instead, use patience and continue using your crackberries and your grade-school-smart phones and someday you (YES, YOU) can have an LTE iPhone from Verizon. Patience. AT&T customers were patient, we waited for the 3G iPhone and let the crazies buy the Edge Only iPhone with no App Store. We waited a Year and look how much better it was.

Clean up your drool, and wait. Don’t worry, it will be worth it.

UPDATE: Now a few people have contacted me asking if there are other things I dislike about the phone besides the Voice/Data issue and the old skool CDMA connection. I have to say that the Phone itself should be great, it’s an iPhone4 after all, and it should be able to ACTUALLY make phone calls  (and for those in DC even in the metro)! However, the Voice/Data thing is the biggest issue I can see.A

Just as a side note, while on a call you will be able to send/receive TEXT messages but not PICTURE messages. Just a note in case you were curious, I know I was.

Another side note, because of the update to the phone’s antenna system there will now be TWO sets of bumper cases, one for AT&T (GSM) antenna sets and one for Verizon (CDMA) antenna sets. Way to go Apple, for once you learned how to keep it simple. #sarcasm

Bottom line: The phone will be  great, the new antenna design should alleviate any issues with reception (see: deathgrip) and if you never want to search for a location/use an app/play a web video/anything web related while making a phone call, then this is the phone for you. Otherwise, sit tight and see what July brings us.

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  1. Shaun said, on January 19, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Good points! I’m an iPhone user in the UK so CDMA is 100% alien to us. This post has highlighted some of the drawbacks of CDMA I would otherwise never have known. Good work 🙂

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