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Google Maps in 3D!

Posted in Web Discovery by Trace on January 19, 2011

Sure. It’s in 3D, but what about in IMAX?

Browsing the web today, like you do, I cam across a feature in Google Maps while accidentally right-clicking. 3D View. That’s right, Google Maps’ StreetView is available in 3D. Get yourself a pair of old Cyan and Red 3D glasses pull up your town in Google Maps a level of realism unparalleled in virtual reality – and similar to real reality.

The feature seems to work whenever there is StreetView available, both domestically and abroad. Just right-click and enjoy the three-dimensional, color-altered goodness.

How did you miss this cool feature?? Find out…

Google has always been known as a company in Beta. Everything is in beta all the time. It’s more of a mindset. They want you to know that while their software is awesome, it’s never quite done. It can always be improved upon. In this case, Google has added an algorithm that takes StreetView to a 3D level.

A quick bit of research on the Google Lat Long Blog let me know this feature was rolled out on April Fools Day in 2010 as a nice little joke, but the feature is still live! While not perfect, it’s a cool way to check out Google Maps and some of your favorite sites.

I'm-a keep on walking on 3D glass!

Here is an example where it comes up a little wonky. Notice the crosswalk is actually in 3D while the road is stationary. You can’t tell? Well, do you have your glasses on?You don’t have any?  Get some then!

The long(itude) and the short(itude?) of it, is Google Maps is still pretty great, and don’t forget to click on random things, you never know what you might discover!

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