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Don’t Buy the Verizon iPhone: A Plea for Sanity – UPDATE

Posted in Mobile by Trace on January 16, 2011

Do not buy a Verizon iPhone. It is a waste of your money. Mashable created a funny infographic regarding the differences and similarities of the new phones, but really the issue is CDMA. It’s all about CDMA #fail.

It’s not jealousy, nor is it anger. We all knew these bright-red invites were for something important. I knew the AT&T exclusivity was expiring. This was the event everyone was waiting for and we all knew it. The excitement was palpable. I was at work so instead of watching the live streams I got text messages and followed the live blogs on Engadget, MacRumors and Gizmodo (I wanted the critical perspective too).

The problem is, it’s a rip off. The Verizon iPhone is a rip off.

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