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Google Maps in 3D!

Posted in Web Discovery by Trace on January 19, 2011

Sure. It’s in 3D, but what about in IMAX?

Browsing the web today, like you do, I cam across a feature in Google Maps while accidentally right-clicking. 3D View. That’s right, Google Maps’ StreetView is available in 3D. Get yourself a pair of old Cyan and Red 3D glasses pull up your town in Google Maps a level of realism unparalleled in virtual reality – and similar to real reality.

The feature seems to work whenever there is StreetView available, both domestically and abroad. Just right-click and enjoy the three-dimensional, color-altered goodness.

How did you miss this cool feature?? Find out…


In the beginning…

Posted in Social Networking Discovery by Trace on May 10, 2010

Well, here it is. My fifth blog. First was Geocities, then LiveJournal, then Blogger, then Tumblr and now WordPress. This of course doesn’t include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and all the other social networks and social media I’ve joined.

Before I get too into this blog and learn so much I forget where I came from. I wanted to comment on GoogleZon. What? You haven’t heard of it? GoogleZon is the friendly shiny happy name of the end of news, government, privacy and individuality. It’s pretty amazing. GoogleZon is a creation of Robert Sloan and Matt Thompson with music by Aaron McLeren. It’s a bit dated, and they updated it when the predictions didn’t come to fruition in 2004, but it is still a fascinating insight into privacy and the future of Google.

Some of their predictions have already occurred, like the uploading of content and keeping some private while other is public. Facebook has spread from it’s own domain to add “Like” buttons to hundreds of other sites, and when Google screwed up Buzz we suddenly we were mutually attached to our professors, mistresses and bosses.

Regardless, watch EPIC. The Evolving Personalized Information Construct. This video is one of the reasons I joined graduate study.

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