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I’m A Beat Blogger!

Posted in Social Media by Trace on February 3, 2011

Cool Glasses, Power Tie. Oh Yeah.

Hello readers, here’s a personal message from your friend, Trace.

This week has been a pretty fantastic one thus far. I’ve got a new apartment to sign a lease on, may have found a cat to help me occupy said apartment, and I became the newest member of the & blogging team – the company is called Livid Lobster.

Thank you, thank you. Be looking out on WebBeat and GeekBeat for possible mention of my stories and you can always go to either site and find posts I’ve written! To watch GeekBeat go to Revision3 or subscribe on iTunes, to watch WebBeat subscribe on iTunes and I might even post on OneMansBlog!

I’ll do my best to keep updating here, though as I often write about technology, social media and other cool web trends and issues, it will be tough to keep me from putting those on the Livid Lobster blogs. We’ll have to wait and see. It’s going to be an interesting February, which is good, as last February was #SnOMG, #Snomageddon, and #Snopocalypse all in a row. Regardless, I’ll do my best to blog here, there and everywhere!

Now here’s a sample of the work of my new friends at, enjoy!

The Photo, Made Creepy

Posted in Social Networking Discovery by Trace on May 17, 2010

By now many of us have heard of DailyBooth, but for those that haven’t… DailyBooth is a social networking/media site that allows users to upload a photo (similar to a visual status message).

With this in mind, were a Clark Kent impersonator to step into DailyBooth he would emerge not as superman, but as a strange/creepy version of DailyBooth.’s website self-describes it as gathering “the latest about you into a tiny, easy to update, video-enabled calling card.” These calling cards can then be embedded and used in place of some photos you see around the blogosphere.

Verdict? Creepy? Cool? Or a bit of both? To view my go to:

In the beginning…

Posted in Social Networking Discovery by Trace on May 10, 2010

Well, here it is. My fifth blog. First was Geocities, then LiveJournal, then Blogger, then Tumblr and now WordPress. This of course doesn’t include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and all the other social networks and social media I’ve joined.

Before I get too into this blog and learn so much I forget where I came from. I wanted to comment on GoogleZon. What? You haven’t heard of it? GoogleZon is the friendly shiny happy name of the end of news, government, privacy and individuality. It’s pretty amazing. GoogleZon is a creation of Robert Sloan and Matt Thompson with music by Aaron McLeren. It’s a bit dated, and they updated it when the predictions didn’t come to fruition in 2004, but it is still a fascinating insight into privacy and the future of Google.

Some of their predictions have already occurred, like the uploading of content and keeping some private while other is public. Facebook has spread from it’s own domain to add “Like” buttons to hundreds of other sites, and when Google screwed up Buzz we suddenly we were mutually attached to our professors, mistresses and bosses.

Regardless, watch EPIC. The Evolving Personalized Information Construct. This video is one of the reasons I joined graduate study.

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